Established in 1993, His Majesty’s Theatre Foundation advances performing arts and invests in the vitality of communities focusing on projects that promote cultural engagement and transformative change


Each program and project that is brought to life through the Foundation is created with the underlying goal of building a stronger and more dynamic infrastructure for the arts. 


Through research and evaluation, the Foundation works to demonstrate the economic impact of the arts, and to enhance public understanding of how the arts contribute to the vitality of communities


Improve the quality of life for Western Australians by providing access to culture activities and the performing arts.


• Provide programs and services that encourage WA artists and communities to work together, in ways that foster artistic excellence, accessibility, civic engagement, and cultural understanding.


• Play a leadership role in supporting our programs on a state level, and extend this capacity to other selected disciplines, for the benefit of the state 


• Increase public understanding of WA’s creative economy; its artists, cultural organisations, and creative industries. 


• Enhance the Foundation’s ability to sustain an effective, innovative, and resilient organisation with both focus and agility. 


• Make a positive and lasting difference in the lives that we touch  


Anyone wishing to know more about the work of the Foundation or who is interested in making a donation or in sponsoring the Theatre is most welcome to contact the Director on +61 8 9265 0900 or on email